Hi! I'm Tammy Webster

I'm the proud owner of "Be Fit Body Boutique" and nationally certified personal trainer, fitness and life conditioning coach.    I absolutely love what I do and that is to help all women of all ages transform their lives with fitness.   

My interest in Fitness was due to the obesity and food addiction prevalent in my family. I witnessed too many early deaths due to health conditions brought on by obesity.  I was especially interested in peoples triggers and why they turned to food.  After learning and applying my knowledge to many family and friends, I noticed one main trend, a total transformation.

Transformation is such a powerful word and I use that word to describe what Be Fit Body Boutique is all about.  Fitness impacts all areas of your body not just physically.   It also involves your health, increases energy levels, improves emotional mood, and self-esteem.  Transformation takes place on all levels, which has been the motivational force for doing this for over 35 years!

As I stated earlier, in high school I started reading food labels, and researched forms of exercise and its impact on the metabolism.  Then began helping friends and family learn how to eat healthy and exercise.  Strength training was by far the best for increasing bone density, improving muscle tone and strength.

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Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness & Life Conditioning Coach

I absolutely love helping women of all ages transform their lives with fitness

I have worked with many different types of people of all ages throughout the years and one thing remained constant.  You are sick and tired of being sick and tired!   When you come in we will sit down and go over all of your medical and fitness history so I can really understand what motivates you and your stress triggers.   We will learn how to overcome them finally! 

There are many reasons for past failure.   No matter your age, hormonal fluctuations, poor nutrition, excessive diet, and sleep depravation are all symptoms of weight gain, lack of muscle tone, increased body fat, cellulite and low energy.   I will address all of this to ensure success to allow you to reach your goals.

I have also worked with many clients with limitations.  All of my clients that work with me always say, Tammy will find a way to keep you exercising and work around it!  If you have any pre-existing injuries, we will design an exercise program to correct any imbalances that may have contributed to it.    In most cases you will be much better than you were within in a few months of training! 

Exercise is natures best anti-depressant so, I invite everyone to take it on for at least 2 weeks and argue that they do not feel better in all areas of their life.  I am so honored to  witness it everyday at Be Fit Body Boutique!

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