You are about to embark on a journey that will change your life in ways that you may not even dream of. As with anything new, please be compassionate and patient with yourself. Remember, obtaining good health and fitness is a path, not a destination.

What can I expect physically?

Those committed to consistently training can expect an increase in flexibility, muscle tone, strength, stamina and overall health. Our goal is to turn you into a fat-burning machine.


How will I be training?

At Be Fit Body Boutique, the style of training that we offer is One-On-One trainer with client. We understand that not everyone knows how to work out properly. We also understand how intimidating and frustrating not knowing can be. That’s why you will be greeted with a smile and led through a series of exercises designed to accomplish your goals. The level of exercise will match your ability and rise with your rising level of fitness.


What will I do there?

Fitness is comprised of 3 elements. Cardio health, ability to move at an accelerated rate for an extended period of time, strength, which is the ability to lift heavy objects; and flexibility, which is the ability to bend, twist and turn in a fluid, easy motion without stiffness. At Be Fit, we make sure to accentuate and include each of these three elements in every workout. As your strength increases we will offer slightly heavier weights so that you continually see improvement.


How will I do it?

At Be Fit, we understand that your time is valuable. That is why we believe that it is important to use the most efficient and effective style of training possible. That is why we use a scientifically proven combination of muscle stimulation combined with high intensity intervals to melt the fat and bring out the beautiful muscle underneath. Years of experimentation, study and research have led to the ability to offer the simplest path to a beautiful, healthy body.


How often should I train?

That is going to be a question of available time, budget and goals. Most people experience the best results by training 3 times a week. Consistency is the key component needed to bring about change. We will teach you how to stimulate the right hormones through exercise to use fat as fuel at an accelerated rate. This is why our clients love us.


What do I wear?

Be comfortable. You will probably find that dressing lightly, in synthetics whenever possible will work well. A comfy pair of sneakers and a hair band to keep your hair away from your face will also be of benefit. A dry change of clothing for after class is a nice option.


What do I bring?

You, of course! But purified water and fluffy towels will be provided. Although we provide music, an IPod with your favorite workout tunes is an option to bring. Also, a basic heart rate monitor with a chest strap is an ideal way to gauge your high intensity interval. If that scares you, don’t let it. We’ll teach you everything you need to know.


Can I eat before training?

It’s best, at least initially to eat something light within one hour of training. Although cardio can be done on an empty stomach, weight training demands more energy and will require adequate fuel. A perfect suggestion is a protein shake comprising a combination of protein, carbs and a bit of fat. We’ll even tell you where to get it and how to make it.


What time should I arrive?

Plan on arriving at least 15 minutes before your scheduled training time. At Be Fit we are very punctual and hope that you will be also. By planning to arrive early you will have time to put anything into a locker, use the rest room and be prepared for training. If you are extra early you are welcome to jump on a piece of cardio equipment and begin your warm-up.



Ask Tammy, she’s got the answers and would love to help. Send your question, or call the studio at 561-745-5001.


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