Hi! I'm Dr. Angelica Napolitano

Angelica Napolitano is a TPI Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy, and the proud owner of Optimal Physical Therapy and Wellness in Jupiter, Florida. Dr. Napolitano is committed to working with individuals through the creation of powerful and effective lifestyle transformations that prevent and solve physical challenges.

As the expert, she is able to successfully evaluate, diagnose and treat the true source of dysfunction or pain that may be limiting you from reaching your personal goals, and becoming your best self.

Growing up in Jupiter, FL, Dr. Napolitano naturally developed a passion for the game of golf. This passion has greatly influenced her practice, leading to the development of her niche which primarily focuses on sports medicine and rehabilitation specific to the rotational athlete (i.e. Golf/tennis).

Dr. Angelica Napolitano, PT, DPT

TPI Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy

I absolutely love helping women of all ages transform their lives through physical therapy

Physical Therapy Services

Dr. Angelica Napolitano, PT, DPT


As a concierge physical therapist, Dr. Napolitano offers services that provide the patient with a first-class experience, delivering quality of care in a convenient, elite and private manner.

She believes in fully investing herself to the patient’s needs by creating long term relationships that promote a mutual understanding of each patient’s values, goals and aspirations.

This enables both Dr. Napolitano and her patients to make the necessary and significant life changing transformations together.

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