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We offer female fitness training and
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Susan Jeck
Fitness Coach in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Juno, Tequesta

Hi, I’m Susan Jeck

I am a certified nutrition and fitness coach in Jupiter FL. I’ve perfected a program to make your body lean and beautiful. I know how to make you slim, healthy and finally free of excess weight.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients that have wasted years with relentless dieting and hamster wheel exercising. They realized that all their efforts just weren’t working. I’ve had countless clients share there past frustration and disappointments. I understand why they feel this way and I know how to fix it.

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Jupiter Fitness gyms training weight loss programs for women palm beach gardens fl


No one knows nutrition like Susan Jeck. She’s been doing it and consistently staying lean and trim for over 15 years. She can make it easy to understand and apply with her one-on-one nutrition seminars designed to educate, motivate and accelerate your ability to get a beautiful body.

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